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Coming together in community for Laura Echols and family as she undergoes surgeries to deal with BRCA 1. Laura said it best in her blog: Although I am confident in my decision to have these surgeries, it does not mean choosing to do so has been easy. These are major surgeries and will require several weeks off of work each time and it will be hard to not lift my boys during my weeks of recovery. Plus, there will be hormone changes which will be something else to figure out. Keith is already great about doing things around the house and caring for the boys, but these surgeries will require him to take on even more of the workload. Learning I am BRCA positive has been extremely difficult news to process, but I keep reminding myself that this knowledge is a blessing because now I have the ability to choose what is best for my health rather than cancer dictating what happens to me.

Community started on: 2/26/17
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