Naomi Bev Anthony
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Have you ever received an encouraging word a prophetic insight or possibly a gentle nudge to get back on track with God from our dear Naomi (Bev) Anthony? Well I imagine there are hundreds who have been touched by this dear woman. Naomi (Bev) has been diagnosed with a fairly large brain tumor. Her surgery is scheduled for tomorrow, Friday May 20th. Dr. Forage here in Las Vegas will be doing the surgery. We have the opportunity to give back in some small way as we provide for this sweet family. They will be needing meals for the next couple of weeks as well as help with some household tasks. we are setting up this website so that these things can be accomplished. if you live near and are able to provide a meal or a few hours of your time it would be greatly appreciated. If you live far and would like to offer the much needed words of encouragement or share a scripture in these next days to come they would be received with delight!

Community Started on: 5/19/2016
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